Germany: Somali Arrested For Burning Down Refugee Center

Chris Menahan
Mar. 24, 2017

Police arrested a 21-year-old asylum seeker from Somalia for allegedly burning down the refugee center where he was being given free accommodations.

From (as translated by Egri Nök for Gates of Vienna):
Mönchengladbach: Major Fire in Refugee Center — Resident Arrested

[Photo caption: Thursday before noon, a refugee shelter in Carl-Diem-Straße in Mönchengladbach burnt to the ground completely. The inhabitants accuse an asylum seeker from Somalia of setting the fire. He was arrested.]

Mönchengladbach — The smoke column rising from the Volksgarten in Mönchengladbach on Thursday mid-morning was visible for kilometers.

Smoke Column over Volksgarten

A fire broke out in a refugee shelter on Carl-Diem-Straße shortly after 10 AM CET. The flames spread rapidly. The container modules which housed refugees from different countries were soon fully ablaze.

Firefighters could basically only let it burn down in a controlled manner. There was nothing left to save.

Did an inhabitant set the fire?

Police arrested a 21-year-old asylum seeker from Somalia. Other inhabitants accused him to the police of setting the fire.

It is not certain if he indeed set the fire. Police began further investigations.

No one was injured. The refugees are being taken to other shelters at the moment.
Refugees burned down an asylum center in Germany on Ramadan in November of last year because "there wasn't enough Nutella."

In April of last year, refugees also burned down another asylum center in Germany in after throwing charcoal they used to smoke a hookah in the trash.

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