Terror Strikes Once Again In Londonistan

Chris Menahan
Mar. 22, 2017

The inevitable has happened once again in London, but as we know from their Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, this is just "part and parcel" of living in a big city.

From RT:
A knife attacker has been shot after a car mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and charged the gates of parliament, in what police are treating as a terrorist incident. Four people are dead.

What we know
  • Four people are dead, including a police officer and the alleged attacker
  • Several others have "catastrophic" injuries after a car reportedly mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge and "tried to mow people down"
  • A woman was treated after "falling" from bridge into the River Thames
  • A police officer is dead after being stabbed inside Parliament grounds
  • The alleged assailant is dead after being shot by armed police
  • At least 20 people have been injured
  • Police are treating the incident as terrorism
  • Police believe there was only one attacker
  • Downing Street says May will chair a COBRA emergency meeting tonight after the attack on UK parliament
Four people have died, including one woman, the alleged attacker and a police officer.

Many others obtained "catastrophic" injuries in the incident on Westminster Bridge, St Thomas' Hospital junior doctor Colleen Anderson told reporters.

"I confirmed one fatality. A woman. She was under the wheel of a bus. She died, confirmed her death at the scene."

"There were people across the bridge. There were some with minor injuries, some catastrophic. Some had injuries they could walk away from or who have life-changing injuries.

"There were maybe a dozen (injured)."

Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said the police are "satisfied at this stage it looks like there was only one attacker."

London Ambulance Service says it has treated at least 10 patients on Westminster Bridge.

An eyewitness has told Sky News he saw a body "face down" in the Thames. Witnesses said people either jumped or were knocked over the side of the bridge as the car mounted the pavement and struck a number of pedestrians.

A spokesman for the Port of London Authority, which looks after safety on the river, said a female member of the public had been recovered from the water near Westminster bridge after she "fell" or "jumped" in.

"A female member of the public was recovered alive from the water, but with serious injuries. She has been brought ashore and is undergoing urgent medical treatment. The working assumption is that she fell or jumped from the bridge."

Shocking videos and photographs show people lying on the bridge, bleeding heavily, with members of the public rushing to their aid. There is no official estimate of the number injured in the incident.
As well all know, there's only one solution to this problem: hashtags, Facebook filters and prayer.

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