POLL: Canadians Want Illegal Immigrants Deported

Chris Menahan
Mar. 20, 2017

Canadians overwhelming favor deporting illegal immigrants in general, as well as recent illegal border crossers fleeing the US to Canada, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows.

From Reuters:
Canadians appeared to be just as concerned about illegal immigration as their American neighbors, according to the poll, which was conducted between March 8-9. Some 48 percent of Canadians said they supported "increasing the deportation of people living in Canada illegally."

When asked specifically about the recent border crossings from the United States, the same number - 48 percent - said Canada should "send these migrants back to the U.S." Another 36 percent said Canada should "accept these migrants" and let them seek refugee status.
That's a massive 12 point gap.

Note, almost no one thinks bringing these migrants in will make their country more safe, whereas 41% say it will make their country less safe.

The government is, of course, completely ignoring the will of the public and is allowing every last one of these criminals to apply for asylum from the Big Bad Donald Trump.

I hereby propose anyone who favors bringing these illegals in should be made to house them in their own homes and be held personally responsible for the crimes they commit.

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