Trump Taxes Reporter On First Lady Melania: 'She Did Do Very Sleazy Porn'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 15, 2017

The sleazy reporter who got Donald Trump's old 2005 tax return, David Cay Johnston, said Tuesday night on MSNBC our first lady may have contributed to Trump's tax bill with money from her "sleazy porn."

While the media's been referring to Johnston as a "Pulitzer Prize winning reporter" rather than an "aspiring competitive eater and sleazy porn artisan," none of them felt this was worthy to bring up during their interviews.

From NewsBusters:
During an exhaustive discussion on Trump’s taxes on MSNBC’s The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Tuesday, the host, Maddow and Johnston poured through the brief document, speculating if each number had a hidden meaning. O’Donnell wondered aloud what the one million dollars wage and salary listed on the return referred to.
LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: One of the straightforward lines here that's interesting is number 7 where he talks about he gets -- he has wages and salary income which is unusual for someone in his case. It is about a million dollars.
Johnston jumped in to speculate that the money belonged to Melania.
DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: Could be hers. His wife was a model.
O’Donnell disagreed, finding that unlikely since Melania wasn’t “at that league” in the modeling business, before Johnston made his outrageous accusation:
O’DONNELL: She's on here. But she was never at that league of that business.


O’DONNELL: But that could be --

JOHNSTON: She did do very sleazy porn, [indiscernable]
Johnston makes the comment as O’Donnell, unfazed, keeps reading. Rachel Maddow however shushes him for the accusation.
MADDOW: Hey, hey, hey
While these same hacks lost their minds over people calling Hillary Clinton surrogate Alicia Machado a "porn star," saying our first lady produced "sleazy porn" is just fine.

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