7 Reasons The Jeff Sessions Witch Hunt Is Ridiculous

Mar. 03, 2017

The Democrats and their media are making a big push to portray Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a Russian agent, or at least catch him in a perjury trap, because they had to talk about something other than President Trump's address to Congress until the weekend news cycle kicks in.

One cannot overstate how obviously that is the point of all this, Mr. Tapper.

Here are some reasons the Sessions witch hunt is ridiculous:

1. Democrats thought misleading Congress was no big deal until today: Call it an example of "whataboutism" if you will, but it bears noting for the record that Democrats were quick to dismiss blatantly false statements to Congress from such individuals as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, and Sessions' predecessor Attorney General Eric Holder as trivial errors. And, of course, Democrats launched an all-out jihad against the very concept of perjury to keep Bill Clinton in power in the Nineties.

In each case, congressional Democrats showed the maximum possible indulgence to Obama administration officials, blithely accepting every claim of imperfect memory, misunderstanding of questions, and even rank incompetence as acceptable excuses. Holder's defense against perjury charges amounted to a confession that he did not read his email and had no idea what anyone connected to the horrifying Operation Fast and Furious scandal was doing. Clinton's evasions in her use of a secret email server are legendary. The server itself was essentially a mechanism for misleading Congress about her activities on a constant basis.

This is not merely a double standard, although it is always worth pointing those out when they appear because the DNC Media refuses to do so. Democrats made a sustained argument over the course of President Obama's eight years in office that one should make every possible allowance for imperfect memory, flawed record-keeping, and honest misunderstandings. They claimed Republicans used their investigatory powers to make mountains out molehills. Now they want to take all that back because they think they can inflict some damage on the Trump administration, and keep their "Russia stole the election!" narrative alive, by parsing Jeff Sessions' words with an electron microscope.

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