Women's March Mocked After Calling For 'Menstrual Equity'

Chris Menahan
Feb. 21, 2017

The official Women's March twitter account was hilariously mocked Monday after suggesting that women having to pay for their own tampons is some form of horrible oppression.

They tweeted out a ridiculous quote from New York Congresswoman Grace Meng on Monday saying: "We cannot stop until we reach real menstrual equity for women and girls everywhere."

They link to an op-ed from Meng which begins:
Did you know that there are girls who skip school when they get their periods? If they can't afford pads or tampons and don't want anyone to see they've stained their clothes, they may feel like they have no choice. That's not just something that happens in developing countries. It happens right here in the United States. Right in my home district of Queens, New York.
A package of 40 tampons currently sells for $5 on Amazon.

Twitter users mocked their tweet in response.

"No, really... what are y'all smokin?" Michelle Ray said. "When did you become a parody account?"

"Maybe these women who can't afford 5$ tampons should spend money more wisely," Destiny tweeted.

Greta333 said: "The federal gov't is not responsible for addressing this. Period (no pun intended)."

"Is this a joke? If you cant afford a tampon it is not the government's place to buy you one," Doug said.

Sandra tweeted: "Major cray cray going on in women movement. Do you wonder why 100% of women don't support you?"

Larry Farlow tweeted: "So would that include trans 'women?' Or is it your intention to invalidate them?"

Perhaps someone should inform the ladies at the Women's March we just had a referendum on all this feminist nonsense with our presidential election.

You lost.

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