Richard Spencer Suckerpunched by Antifa During TV Interview

Chris Menahan
Jan. 20, 2017

An "anti-fascist" suckerpunched alt-right figure Richard Spencer during an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Washington DC on Friday.

Mr Spencer, president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute, was talking to ABC Washington bureau chief Zoe Daniel when a masked man lunged at him, landing a blow to the right side of his face.

Members of the crowd were accusing Mr Spencer of being a "neo-Nazi" when the attack happened.
"Neo-Nazis don't love me, they kind of hate me actually," Mr Spencer said during a confrontation.

From the left side of the camera the attacker throws a punch that hit Mr Spencer flush on the right cheek, sending him reeling backwards.

His attacker then ran off.
Spencer was reportedly attacked twice by antifa.

ABC's Zoe Daniel said it was the same man both times.

This is allegedly a picture of the suspect:

It's not confirmed, though the clothes appear to be identical. The man has a rotund build and looks to be in his forty's.

The assailant was not arrested.

Spencer commented on the assault on Periscope and Red Ice TV:

Leftist media outlets who accused Trump supporters of being violent are celebrating the assault and sharing tweets like the one below.

Trump's "violent rhetoric" is intolerable, but suckerpunching people for exercising their first amendment right is just fine.

The Atlantic's Graeme Wood said he hopes the assailant is sent to prison.

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