Germany Finally Gets A Highly Skilled Migrant, Expert Chemical Engineer...

Chris Menahan
Jan. 09, 2017

Incidentally, police say he's using his expertise to plot a chemical attack.

From The Daily Express:
A HUNT is underway for a Syrian scientist posing as a refugee and plotting a chemical attack on a British seaside town.

The plan was uncovered by German police who stumbled across documents as they searched a refugee camp for the Berlin truck killer.

These detailed chemical agents and the names of British towns. But the suspect, aged in his early 30s, had disappeared and it is feared he could now be in the UK.

Sources say he was trained in toxins by the Assad regime and was being tracked by US agents before giving them the slip.
...The alarm was raised on December 20, when counter-terror police raided Berlin’s defunct Tempelhof airport, now the site of the country’s largest refugee camp, following the Berlin terror attack on the previous day.

As more than 250 officers ransacked the camp in their search for the attacker, they discovered a document with details about a separate plot in Britain.

The document, which was partially charred, contained details of chemical agent and listed two English towns.

“The contents were of such significance that MI5 were immediately contacted,” said an intelligence source last night.
These open borders are working out great.

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