Report: ABC's Ratings 'Took Major Dive' During Megyn Kelly Interview On GMA

Chris Menahan
Jan. 06, 2017

While ABC News expected an interview with Megyn Kelly talking about the Roger Ailes scandal would be a ratings draw, people actually tuned out in droves.

From Mediaite:
Mediaite has learned that the minute-by-minute ratings for GMA took a major (and surprising) dive during her segment on November 15 to promote her new book, Settle For More. 
According to sources with access to those all important and specific network ratings, Kelly appeared for approximately 10 minutes at around 7:31 a.m, during that time, the ratings continued to plummet in particular compared to other days. Network execs across the board apparently expected that the Fox News host's interview would boost the bottom of the 7 o'clock hour especially since she was discussing controversial allegations against her former boss, Roger Ailes. But– that didn't happen.

...While the interview was certainly interesting, the ratings didn't pan out for GMA. And, interestingly, this interview came around the same time that Kelly was in contract discussions with other networks including ABC.
This isn't particularly shocking. The ratings on FOX News fall as her prime time show starts only to rise again when Hannity is put on the air.

No one can stand this woman. The right hates her because she's a two faced witch and the left hates her because she was on FOX News.

This is the "Trump curse" taking its toll.

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