Obama Brushes Off Anti-White Torture Video, Says Race Relations Have 'Gotten Better'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 05, 2017

This is sick.

During an interview with ABC 7 on Thursday, Obama brushed off the live streamed torture of a disabled white man by a gang of four black thugs in Chicago and insisted race relations have "gotten better," despite overwhelmingly evidence to the contrary.

From The Daily Mail:
'I don't think it's accurate to say race relations are getting worse,' he told host Jay Levine, saying things were also difficult in Chicago in the mid-1980s, when a block of white councilmen deliberately scuppered all proposals by a black mayor.

'In part because we see visuals of racial tensions, violence and so forth because of smart phones and the Internet,' the president said.

'What we have seen as surfacing, I think, are a lot of problems that have been there a long time.
'Whether it's tensions between police and communities, whether it's hate crimes of the despicable sort that has just now recently surfaced on Facebook.'

He added: 'The good news is that the next generation that's coming behind us have smarter, better, more thoughtful attitudes about race.

'I think the overall trajectory of race relations in this country is actually very positive. It doesn't mean that all racial problems have gone away. It means that we have the capacity to get better.'
You have to watch the video to see how he totally brushes the incident off.

All the live-streamed torture of a white man musters up from him is a flippant "it's terrible," which he pivots into bashing America and whining about racism.

He did the same at the funeral of six Dallas police officers who were targeted by a black supremacist for being white.

He takes zero responsibility for emboldening these black supremacists by pushing the false narrative "black people are relentless victims of relentless white racists all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything, especially why police are always picking on black people for no reason whatsoever," to quote Colin Flaherty.

There's cases of black mob violence like this happening every day across America as one look at Flaherty's YouTube channel will show you.

Contrary to Obama's claims, a CNN poll from October 2016 found race relations are at an all-time low.

While Obama said his election was going to herald an age of racial healing, it's ending with white people being brazenly tortured by black people on Facebook Live.

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