FRAUD: New Jersey Cub Scouts Targeted by Transgender 8-Year-Old?

Dec. 30, 2016

A New Jersey Cub Scout group kicked out an eight year old girl when her transgender status was discovered, according to this report just posted yesterday morning.

Notably, the story makes no mention of gender reassignment surgery or hormonal treatment. Those absences support the inference that the child was born quite biologically female and remains that way.

The worst thing about the story is that it names the child by the male name "Joe." More on that in a minute.

The mother claims her "son" started identifying as male several years ago. She is on Facebook, though, and on this page you'll see at the bottom an August 2015 post with a photo of the child, the same child pictured in the story:

Screenshot from Facebook. Archive here.

That post also refers to the family members starting with "Jodi," then "Kristie" and "Jorge."

Take a look for yourself.

How much would you bet that "Joey" is really "Jodi," and this is all one big scam?

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