Sweden: African Migrants Blame Colonialism For Their Violent Suburbs

Chris Menahan
Dec. 22, 2016

According to a group of "new Swedes," the poor state of predominately African neighborhoods in Sweden is white people's fault -- and they're also to blame for the poor state of Africa.

From Breitbart:
At a protest against recent shootings in Järva, activists blamed colonialism for the horrifying level of violence in the suburb and called politicians “dirt” and “Uncle Tom”.

“Suburb of Violence” was held over the weekend at Rinkeby Square where residents, along with artists and commentators, gathered to present MPs with a list of demands for action to solve the violence and social problems plaguing the migrant-dominated suburb.

The demonstration was called in response to rising violence in the area which has seen 22 murders in less than two years, three of which took place in recent weeks.

Kitimbwa Sabuni, from the 'Afro Swedes Risk Association', said "colonial logic" is to blame for unemployment, substance abuse, and violent crime in migrant communities living in Sweden.

"We came to Europe because European colonialism made it impossible for us to survive with dignity in our countries of origin. But the colonial logic followed us here. We were sent to the suburbs, which became the new colonies."

Sabuni told activists that along with Black Lives Matter in the U.S., ethnic minorities in cities across Europe are mired in violence and unemployment because colonialism is still ongoing, and urged them to rise up against the oppressors.
Here's a map showing the territory controlled by the Swedish empire.

Swedes controlled the Gold Coast from April 22, 1650 to April 20, 1663.

Clearly, this is why Africans who moved voluntarily to Sweden have violence in their neighborhoods and Swedes better get their act together and start paying some serious reparations.

While European colonialism ended entirely over 50 years ago, the place is being colonized right now by the Chinese.

As this clip from the documentary "Empire of Dust" shows, they have literally zero concern for "political correctness."
Despite housing just 3.9 per cent of Stockholm’s population, Järva, which consists of the Rinkeby, Kista, Spånga, and Tensta districts, accounted for 40 per cent of all violent crime in the capital in the last year.

Spokesman for the group, Marcella De La Cerda, slammed what she perceives as inaction by Swedish authorities to prevent violence in Järva, but also called for a reduction in police presence, which she argues "increases the feeling of stigmatisation" in the suburbs.

She said: "If we had seen that 22 children had died in an area where white people live, the reactions [from the authorities] would have been completely different."

However, De La Cerda said police patrols are counterproductive because they "signal to children and young people that society sees them as criminals who should be guarded".

Instead, Suburb of Violence are calling for politicians to provide "jobs, housing and schools", invest in more psychosocial workers and psychiatrists, and for gun laws to be made even more restrictive.
Why do you want their help if they're screwing everything up?

Stop letting the colonial mindset hold you down, fix your neighborhoods yourselves.

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