HATE HOAX: Pro-Trump Students Cleared of Harassment Claims

Dec. 22, 2016

Two college students who are President-Elect Donald Trump supporters have been cleared of accusations that they harassed other students after celebrating Trumpís victory with police finding no evidence to support the hate crime claims.

Following Trumpís stunning victory against Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, Babson College students Parker Rand-Ricciardi and Edward Tomasso drove through Wellesley College in celebration.

Other students claimed Ricciardi and Tomasso drove through the campus harassing on-lookers, spitting, and yelling slurs at anti-Trump students, according to the Boston Globe.

Ricciardi and Tomasso strongly denied the accusations, saying all they had done was drive through the campus shouting Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan and waving a Trump flag.

The Wellesley College Honor Board has fully cleared the false accusations, announcing that they found no evidence to support that the two men had harassed or shouted epithets at other students.

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