Austrian Embassy Changes 'Christmas Delicacies' to 'Winter Delicacies' to Avoid Offending Muslims

Chris Menahan
Dec. 19, 2016

Celebrating Christmas in a Christian country is islamophobic.

From (as translated by DMF):
On Thursday the Austrian ambassador [to Germany], Dr. Nikolaus Marschik, issued invitations to a reception in the embassy.

There Aiman Mazyek, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, was to present his new book ("What do Muslims make of Christmas?"). The evangelical pastor Margot Kmann would give an introductory speech. Then there would be a "cosy gathering with winter delicacies".

I was interested why, on the 4th day of Advent, there would be "winter delicacies" instead of "Christmas delicacies".

A lady from the embassy told me on the telephone that the name "winter delicacies" was chosen out of consideration for Islam. That was only fair towards Muslims, she said.
Thank you, Margot.

Your act of tolerance has no doubt helped avoid another spontaneous jihad.

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