'17-Yr-Old' Rapist-Murderer Was Jailed For Prior Attempted Murder In Greece, Lied About Age

Chris Menahan
Dec. 15, 2016

Hussein Khavari, the "17-year-old" Afghan migrant accused of raping and murdering 19-year-old German medical student Maria Ladenburger, was reportedly jailed in Greece in 2013 for attempting to murder a 20-year-old student by pushing her off a cliff.

Khavari told Greek authorities he was "17-years-old" at the time, meaning he would be at least 20-years-old now.

Despite being a fully grown man, no doubt older than 20, he claimed to be "16-years-old" when he arrived in Germany in 2015 as an "unaccompanied minor."

The Daily Express has details on the prior murder attempt:
Stern magazine reported that Hussein Khavari, 17, had thrown a 20-year-old student off a cliff on Corfu, Greece, in May 2013.

The woman was severely injured but "miraculously" survived and was able to identify her attacker.

Khavari, who sits in detention in Germany after his DNA linked him to the October sex killing of Maria Ladenburger, 19, in Freiburg, was given a 10 year jail term by a Greek court.

Khavari told his lawyer that he "regretted" what had happened.
The magazine added: "Why the Greek justice system early on let him out of jail, if he pushed her off, is thus far unclear."

Bild newspaper in Germany showed a picture of Khavari that he took of himself days before the attack on Miss Ladenburger to Maria-Eleni Nikolopoulou, his Greek lawyer in the trial in 2014.

Her reaction: "This is the same person, definitely. I'm speechless."

The Greek victim plunged 25 feet down the cliff face.

Authorities said she only survived because, as a keen amateur mountain climber, she knew how to protect her head during the plunge.
The attack came after Khavari had been drinking in a bar.

The Greek history student told said she had been walking home when "he was suddenly in front of me. I gave him my purse. But when the headlights of a car illuminated him he pushed me backwards."

In a further interview with the Greek TV channel Alfa in 2014 she went on: "Then he grabbed me at the hips and legs, lifted me up and threw me down the cliff."

In February 2014 he was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

But he was placed in youth detention and it remains unclear why he was freed so soon into his term.
It also remains unclear why Angela Merkel and other EU leaders insist on paying refujihadists such as Hussein to flood into their nations.

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