White House: Blaming Islam For OSU Attack Will Lead to More Violence

Chris Menahan
Nov. 30, 2016

Christians can be blamed for everything ever going wrong in the world anywhere, but Islam should not be blamed when Muslims commit terrorism in its name.

From Breitbart:
The Obama administration is warning Americans not to cast blame on Muslims after a student at Ohio State University launched an attack on innocent civilians that was likely inspired by Islamic State terrorists.

“Our response to this situation matters,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained to reporters during the press briefing. “If we respond to this situation by casting aspersions on millions of people that adhere to a particular religion or if we increase our suspicion of people who practice a particular religion, we are more likely going to contribute to acts of violence than we are to prevent them.”

Earnest said that although there was evidence that the attacker might have been inspired by extremism, his motives were still under investigation.

"If you criticize Muslims for attacking you in accordance with their religion, you're going to create more terrorists."

Our hostile media has blamed Christians for every evil ever committed, yet how many Christians go around killing people as a result?

If Hillary Clinton actually won, we'd have to hear this nonsense for the next four years as an endless stream of these refujihadist flooded into our nation and blew stuff up.

Fortunately, Donald Trump is now our President-elect and will soon to be our President. The era of open borders liberalism is coming to an end.

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