In Over His Head? Tim Kaine Splits From Hillary, Says Comey Not Trying to Influence Election

Chris Menahan
Nov. 04, 2016

It appears Tim Kaine may not want to go to prison to protect Hillary Clinton's crumbling criminal empire.

From The Daily Mail:
Hillary Clinton's running mate says he does not believe FBI Director James Comey was intentionally trying to disrupt the election when he announced a new chapter last week in former secretary of state's email investigation.

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine said on a taping of Alan Colmes' Fox News radio show that Comey's letter to Congress last Friday was 'highly unusual' and 'cryptic' but he wouldn't follow in Clinton's footsteps and suggest the law enforcement official was helping the Republican ticket.

'I donít think he is trying to influence the outcome of the election,' Kaine said, according to Politico. 'I donít question his integrity, but I do have serious questions about the judgment demonstrated by this.'
Contrast this with what Hillary Clinton said during a rally Monday: "I am sure a lot of you may be asking what this new email story is about and why in the world the FBI would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrong doing with just days to go. That is a good question."
Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook declined to give Comey the benefit of the doubt today when he was asked a similar question on The View.

'I donít know what heís doing,' Mook said. 'I thought it was very strange. Thereís protocols that you donít announce things right before an election, but also that the FBI doesnít comment on anything that theyíre investigating.'

He noted that the FBI is reportedly investigating two of Donald Trumpís associates' connections to Russian interests it's 'not putting that information out there so weíre just asking.'

So, 'I donít know,' he said. 'Iím not like an FBI guy.'
We know who the FBI is. As the NYT's Binyamin Appelbaum condescendingly noted, it's "basically a collection of middle-aged white men," aka a group of highly qualified, die hard Americans who love their country and don't want to see it fall.

They're stepping up to save America, and it appears they're putting fear into these traitors hearts.

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