#ScamWithHer: Miley Cyrus Dorm Visit Campaigning For Hillary Was A Staged Hoax

Chris Menahan
Nov. 04, 2016

Miley Cyrus's visit to George Mason University just weeks ago was a staged hoax.

Every door she knocked on was agreed to in advance, and every student she talked to was pre-selected.

As Breitbart reports:
Pop star Miley Cyrus's visit to George Mason University last month to knock on students' dorm room doors in a get-out-the-vote effort for Hillary Clinton probably didn't come as much of a shock to the students with whom she spoke, because each of the students was selected to participate in advance -- and some at the school are upset at what they say was a "staged" photo opportunity for Clinton-supporting fans of the singer.

As Breitbart News previously reported, Cyrus was at George Mason University on Saturday, October 22 to campaign for Clinton by knocking on students' dorm room doors and speaking with them about the importance of early voting.

But according to emails between a university administrator and a parent of a student at the school, provided under a state public recordsrequest by the nearby Americans for Limited Government Foundation, the event was little more than a university-coordinatedphoto opportunity, as the students Cyrus was to meet with had already been pre-selected to participate.
In response to a parent who wrote to express her concern for her daughter's safety in the dormitory during the event, Dr. Thomas Hardy, Assistant Dean for University Life and and Chief Housing Officer at George Mason, said that Cyrus was allowed to visit the dormitory because she was a "guest" of one of the building's residents.

"Ms. Cyrus visited previously identified students as a pre-approved guest of those rooms," Hardy explained. "She was escorted by her host at all times, and there was no random door knocking, as that would be solicitation -- which is a violation of residence hall policy."

Hardy's email also explained that Cyrus was "isolated to one floor of one residence hall," and was not allowed to visit the rest of the dormitory.

It was not immediately clear whether the university or the Virginia Democratic Coordinated Campaign, which helped set up the event, paid security or related costs for the event. George Mason University is a public university, which receives taxpayer money for funding. The university has not released any documents under the public records request indicating that the Clinton campaign reimbursed the university for its security and related costs. The records request specifically asked for such information.
This is straight out of Wikileaks. Hillary Clinton's campaign was exposed -- just one day after Miley's staged visit -- for having plotted to use celebrities to con young people into voting for her.

Outside of Hollywood hacks like Louis CK who wants a "mom" to "feed" and take care of him, Hillary Clinton has no actual grassroots support.

Her campaign, much like herself, resembles a reanimated corpse, propped up purely by the lying media and Hollywood elite.

Donald Trump on the other hand has the most dedicated supporters backing him since the Revolutionary War.

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