WATCH: David Duke Goes Off On Moderator During La. Senate Debate, Says Hillary Deserves 'Electric Chair'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 02, 2016

During a crazy Louisiana Senate race debate Wednesday, David Duke went off on the "hack" moderator for interrupting him while he was responding to statements from contender John Kennedy that he's a "convicted liar" and "convicted felon."

From The Hill:
After Duke began to argue that his past conviction of tax fraud was a result of being "targeted by the government," moderator John Snell interrupted him to try to steer the question.

Duke became visibly angry with Snell, calling him a "hypocrite" as the two shouted over each other.

"Would you not interrupt me and give me my time?" Duke said. "Look, you are not one of the debaters here, I'm sorry," he added.

"Let me rebut, let me rebut," he continued as Snell attempted to repeat the question.

"See you are not a moderator, you are a typical media hack. You are going to silence me now? You are going to silence me?" he yelled.

After the heated exchange, the moderator gave Duke a minute to respond to the original question.

Duke also said Hillary Clinton "should be getting the electric chair" and be "charged with treason" for giving money to Saudi Arabia even though she knew the nation was supporting ISIS.

A post debate poll from local NBC affiliate KPLC, which has been on the front page of their site for hours, hilariously shows 96% of online voters said Duke won the debate. No other candidate could crack over 1%:

Protests outside the debate turned violent as angry protesters tried to storm Dillard University where the debate was taking place.

"At least four people were detained by campus police but later released," The Advocate reports.

Duke said after the debate protesters tried to attack the police car he was being escorted out in:

Clearly, eight years of Barack Obama has healed our nation of all racial strife.

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