LOL! WashPo Poll Rigging Backfires Hilariously As Trump Takes Lead With 13 Point Swing in One Week

Chris Menahan
Nov. 01, 2016

The Washington Post and ABC News rigged their poll last week to try and trick people into believing Trump was down 12 points against Hillary and the election was over.

Since Emailgate has exploded once again, Trump is now +1 even in their rigged poll, which is giving the impression Trump saw a 13 point gain in only one week!

From ABC News:
Strong enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton has ebbed since the renewal of the FBI’s email investigation.

While vote preferences have held essentially steady, she’s now a slim point behind Donald Trump — a first since May — in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates.
In the latest results, 46 percent of likely voters support Trump, and 45 percent are for Clinton. With the data taken to a decimal place for illustrative purposes, a mere 0.7 of a percentage point divides them.

Third-party candidate Gary Johnson has 3 percent, a new low; Jill Stein, 2 percent.
Even in their rigged poll, voter enthusiasm for Trump is up and down for Clinton:

One week ago the media said Hillary was picking her cabinet seats and the Democrats were going to win the House and Senate, now they're in total panic mode and trying to come up with crazy "Trump is a Russian agent" conspiracy theories (which the FBI summarily debunked).

My, my, how the tables have turned!

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