News Anchor: Cell Phones Banned at Debate Over Fears Flashes Would Trigger 'Hillary's Seizure Disorder'

Chris Menahan
Oct. 11, 2016

PIX 11 anchor Kirstin Cole said cell phones were banned at Sunday's debate over fears flashes could "inspire Hillary's seizure disorder."

From The Daily Caller:
“For those of you who watched to the bitter, bitter end of this, did you catch this?” Cole posed to the audience. “The comeback of the cardboard camera. Holy 80s drive me to the photo map, Batman.”

“We thought it was a Secret Service thing, banning the cell phones.”

“Whoa, God. This is why it was banned apparently,” Cole stated. “The Secret Service did not trust people to disable the flashes on they’re cameras, and they were afraid it would sort of inspire Hillary’s seizure disorder.”

Hillary Clinton was seen having another "mini-seizure" after the debate when a couple reporters asked her questions all at once.

It seems her brain gets overwhelmed somehow when she's hit from multiple angles.

While Hillary Clinton is collapsing and being thrown into vans by her secretive handlers, seizing at every opportunity, coughing up a storm despite downing an endless stream lozenges and needs to hold something half the time she's walking to stabilize herself, Trump said some offensive stuff in private to one dude 11 years ago, so I guess it's no big deal.

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