LOL! CNN's Dana Bash Says Trump Like 'Stalin or Hitler' Threatening to Jail Opponents

Chris Menahan
Oct. 10, 2016

Threatening to hold Hillary Clinton to the same legal standards as common plebs makes you like "Stalin or Hitler," so says CNN's Dana Bash.

From Breitbart:
Sunday after the presidential debate in which Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump vowed to have a special prosecutor investigate Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her email server while secretary of state, and that she’d “be in jail,” CNN’s Dana Bash reacted by saying, “Stalin or Hitler” put “their opponents in jail.”

Bash said, “OK, not to sound too corny, but what makes this country different from countries with dictators in Africa or Stalin or Hitler, or any of those countries with dictators and totalitarian leaders, when they took over, they put their opponents in jail. To hear one presidential candidate say, even if it was a flip comment, which it was, you’re going to be in jail, to another presidential candidate in the United States of America, stunning, just stunning.”

The crimes Hillary and Bill Clinton have committed would have landed anyone else in prison!

The total lack of accountability Clinton and Rapin' Bill have faced for their crimes is what's truly similar to African dictatorships -- and the American people know it! That's why Trump's call to hire a special prosecutor to investigate her was the line of the night, not to mention the greatest moment ever in a televised presidential debate!

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