VIDEO: Donald Trump Greets Cheering Supporters Rallying Outside Trump Tower!

Chris Menahan
Oct. 09, 2016

The American people are not going to surrender this country like the pathetic traitors in the GOP.

Throngs of Trump supporters gathered around Trump Tower Saturday to show their support and chant "we love Trump."

Donald came out to greet them to rousing applause:

Members of the NYPD also voiced their support for The Donald:

Contrast these videos with traitor Paul Ryan being shouted down at his GOP "unity" rally in Wisconsin after disinviting Trump from the event:

People are realizing this whole scandal is a giant media hoax like all the others. The same media and political elites who push all manners of sick pornography and degeneracy all over television and in the media want to feign outrage over some alpha male boasting Trump did 11 years ago in private.

Actor Jon Voight took to Twitter to rally supporters against the traitors in the GOP and Hollywood scumbag Robert DeNiro:

Never surrender.

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