Germany: African 'Refugees' Say '300 Is Not Enough,' Demand 'Papers & Jobs' Because 'It's 2016'

Chris Menahan
Oct. 05, 2016

Video out of Berlin shows African migrants complaining they're not being given enough welfare and demanding more because "it's 2016."

From Face of a Dying Nation:
The media persistently insists that the so-called "refugees" are mainly from Syria. The reality couldn't be further from the truth. Most of them are young, male Africans and Arabs exploiting the gullibility of Europeans. Just a few days ago 6000 Africans were "rescued" just 55 kilometers off their own, Libyan coast, which is practically a shuttle or taxi service to Europe. They pay thousands to human traffickers to reach the generous welfare state of Germany they're heard so much about. When they don't receive their work, citizenship and more money within 2 weeks as advertised, they get impatient.

Here you can see a bunch of African illegals camping in the middle of Berlin, complaining that the asylum process is taking too long, that they still didn't get their papers and their welfare isn't high enough to pay for phone credit and tickets. One African says that 300 barely covers the expenses for 2 weeks and that he wants more. He says race is outdated because it's 2016.

It's almost if as they were coached these slogans by the leftists aiding them.

This video is exactly what I was talking about when I covered how George Soros is giving $500 million to support the migrant invasion by helping them get "access to financial and legal services."

Getting "financial and legal services" translates to being coached by Soros shills how to claim benefits, lie to get asylum by claiming to be "refugee children," lobby for family reunification and file frivolous lawsuits to overwhelm Europe's justice systems.

Coaching these migrants on what to say in order to trick gullible liberals is precisely what Soros is paying for, he's under no delusion he's going to turn these folks into "startup entrepreneurs."

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