VIDEO: Hispanic Teens Film Themselves Stealing Trump Signs, Assaulting White Girl

Chris Menahan
Oct. 02, 2016

Shock video shows a group of Hispanic teenagers film themselves assault a white girl and steal Trump signs out of strangers' lawns.

The teens can be heard repeatedly saying "f**k Donald Trump" while listening to the rap song of the same name.

The teenagers uploaded videos of their crime spree to their own social media accounts.

It's believed the incident occurred "in or near Lemoore, CA."


[Update: Youtube removed the video, I swapped it with the shorter Twitter upload.]

A shorter compilation video was also uploaded to Twitter where it's gone viral.

The criminals are reportedly named Angel Mendoza and Rolando Vega out of Hanford, California.

Angel Mendoza's profile picture.

Rolando Vega's profile picture.

Mendoza can be seen bragging about the incident on his Twitter where he reshared one of the theft videos with the text: "Let me just repost this cause fuck all you white people trippen."

This is the latest incident of Trump supporters being attacked and robbed by hostile foreign immigrants who clearly hate America and Americans.

Despite being allowed to live in our country and being given bundles of welfare, they have zero respect for our people, our nation, and our history.

They need to go back.

The media is ignoring the story entirely as it doesn't suit their BS narrative.

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