'My Name is F**k America!' Muslim Woman in Hijab 'Caught Committing Food Stamp Fraud'

Chris Menahan
Sep. 30, 2016

Video out of New York shows a Muslim woman and her partner buying obscene amount of sodas with food stamps "to resell at their own store."

The way this scam works is these people pay to use other's EBT cards, "purchase" sodas at below market prices from big box stores, then resell them in their own gas station or convenience store for huge profits.

While this video is not conclusive, this type of fraud is extremely widespread, especially among Muslim immigrants.

An incredibly similar case just last month in Buffalo, New York.

As in this case, a Muslim woman in hijab screamed "f**k America" to a news videographer while walking out of court after her husband was busted for committing the same type of welfare fraud.

Their store, the IGA Community Express Mart, had their business license revoked on Monday. The woman's husband, Ahmed Alshami, was indicted and "charged with criminal use of public benefit cards and misuse of food stamps," TWC News reported.

It's rather odd the government and leftists would claim these hostile foreigners are "enriching our culture" when they're objectively making us poorer.

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