Alicia Machado Played 600-Pound Character in Fat Suit -- But Says Trump 'Fat Shamed' Her

Chris Menahan
Sep. 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton surrogate Alicia Machado donned a fat suit in 2012 to play a morbidly obese 600-pound character in a play entitled "My Fat Friend," yet claims Trump "fat shamed" her two decades ago.

Here's the description of the play from a pageantry news site which was dug up by Chuck Johnson at GotNews:
Former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, is set to play the lead role of 'Vicky' in a play entitled "Mi Amiga La Gorda" (My Fat Friend). The play is slated to open tomorrow, 25th of May, in Trail Theater in Miami, Florida.

The stage play is about the life story of a morbidly obese (600 pounds) woman who is inherently good with a sense of humour named 'Vicky'.
A teaser for the play shows it was tasteless and insulting towards people of size:

Machado was exposed as a liar by Fox News's Megyn Kelly on Tuesday. Kelly confronted Machado on the fact that even though she claims Trump caused her to develop an eating disorder, she told the Washington Post she was suffering from "anorexia and bulimia" before the Miss Universe pageant actually happened.

Machado was seen freaking out and trying to dodge responsibility for her own statements in response:

CBS News writer Will Rahn chastised the media for ignoring Machado's sketchy past.
The former Miss Universe, who says that Donald Trump fat-shamed her and alleges that he called her “Ms. Piggy” and “Ms. Housekeeping,” and generally humiliated her after she put on weight, is now the star of a Clinton ad. An obscure figure in America less than a week ago, Machado is perhaps the biggest story in politics at the moment.

So it’s almost inexplicable that, despite all this coverage, the publications discussing the extraordinary stories of her life are mostly right-wing ones.

The most interesting thing about the mainstream articles is what they leave out. There is no discussion at CNN or The New York Times, for instance, about her post-pageant fame as the fiancée of Phillies outfielder Bobby Abreu, or how he reportedly called it off after a reality show she was on revealed video of her apparently having sex with a housemate.
Likewise, there is little mention of how a Venezuelan judge once alleged on live TV that Machado had threatened to kill him. Or how the Mexican attorney general’s office later said she was the girlfriend of a major narco trafficker, and that she he had a child with him, according to Univision and other outlets. Or how a government witness who reportedly testified about their affair was later shot to death.
Trump also weighed in on the controversy on Twitter:

One aspect of this story being ignored is the fact that having a "good moral character" is a requirement for naturalization. Despite her shady past, Machado was granted US citizenship last month, which she said she plans to use to vote for Hillary Clinton.

As I said yesterday: "This why we need a wall."

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