Washington Post Begs Readers: Please Stop Calling Us 'The Media'

Chris Menahan
Sep. 26, 2016

Now that trust in the media has fallen to an all-time low, The Washington Post is begging its readers not to refer them as part of it.

The actual article is a pathetic attempt at rebranding now that they're rightly the most hated people in America, nonetheless it's hilarious.

From The Washington Post:
Iím writing because I have a request: Please stop calling us ďthe media.Ē

Yes, in some sense, we are the media. But not in the blunt way you use the phrase. Itís so imprecise and generic that it has lost any meaning. Itís ó how would you put this? ó lazy and unfair.

Fact is, there really is no such thing as ďthe media.Ē Itís an invention, a tool, an all-purpose smear by people who canít be bothered to make distinctions.

Hey dumbass, we call you shills "the media" because you all represent the same interests.

You all support mass immigration and disenfranchising "native" Americans in America, you all support the deindustrializing of America through "free trade," and you all support the Cultural Marxist, "social justice," degeneracy agenda.

If you don't want to be called "the media," try acting as independent actors rather than as a borg working towards our destruction.

The jig is up. The American people saw how you treated Donald Trump. There's no putting this cat back in the bag, no matter how much you cry.

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