Sweden: Migrant 'Dr Mohamed' Fondles, Licks Patient's Breasts During 'Medical Exam'

Chris Menahan
Sep. 24, 2016

Doctor Mohamed is here to see you, ladies!

From the Swedish site FriaTider (translated with Google):
A doctor who worked at Skövde Hospital [was] prosecuted for sexual assault on one of his patients. The doctor, who is an immigrant from Sri Lanka, is also said to have molested several of his female colleagues.

It is the last summer Skövde Hospital focuses on the so-called "expertise rain" [the "raining" of "highly skilled" migrants] from the third world by hiring Mohamed, 38, from Sri Lanka as a doctor.

The hospital staff perceive directly Mohamed intrusive and unpleasant. Two employees, a nurse and a nursing assistant, later in police interrogation testify how he is interested in younger women and that he groped one of the nurses on the butt.

The doctor will also receive a reprimand for having mismanaged their work. According to his colleagues as well as his boss, he can not speak Swedish very well, so neither they nor the patients understand all times what he says. Even so, he left to work as a doctor.

The evening December 20, 2015 seeking 23-year-old Anna emergency care at Skövde Hospital. "She felt very bad. She had vomited, had a headache, was sick and could not stay in the light," can be read in a document from the court as free Times have reviewed.

The doctor who will take care of her is Mohamed. But instead of taking an interest in the 23-year-old woman's general condition, it turns out later that she had meningitis, the doctor devotes most of the time at her breasts.
According to the prosecution now been brought against him, pulling the doctor up bra on his patient and start squeezing her breasts. He pinches her nipples and asks if she will be "stimulated" as he tells us how great he thinks her breasts are.

Anna gets scared, explains that there is something wrong with her breasts and trying to pull down the bra, but the doctor pulls it up again. In the end, he leans forward and licks and kisses on the breasts.

Be believed directly

When Mohamed after a while leaving the examination room is Anna "really scared" and does not know what she should do. She wants to press the alarm button, but dare not because she is afraid that immigrant doctor then will be the one to respond to the alarm.

"Fortunately," will pretty soon a nurse entered the room and Anna then tells what she suffered. The nurse knows very well how Mohamed are against her and her colleagues, and have no doubt that Anna is telling the truth. The 38-year-old doctor sent home and then switched off from his work.

Yesterday brought charges against the now 39-year-old doctor where he is accused of sexual molestation.

Mohamed, who came to Sweden in August 2008, is a Swedish citizen and does not have a Swedish medical training. He received his medical license in 2012, after having lived in Sweden for only four years.

- We have made a review of his education coming from outside the EU, explains an officer at the National Board for free times.

- All I can see in the registry is that he have a license that is valid as a doctor, and that it is based on an education that is made outside the EU.
The same exact thing happened earlier this year in London with another "Dr. Mohammad."

From the BBC:
A doctor has been found guilty of fondling the breasts of a teenage girl and three women patients during unnecessary clinical examinations.

Dr Mohammad Haq, 74, of Parkstone Avenue, Hornchurch, London, was found guilty of five offences of indecent assault on four women.

The offences took place at three surgeries in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

The judge at St Albans Crown Court said a custodial sentence was "inevitable".

Prosecutor, Miranda Moore QC told St Albans Crown Court: "There were inappropriate breasts examinations and there was no clinical justification for what happened."

The QC said the youngest victim was 15 when she went to see the doctor because she had swollen neck glands.

"He asked her to take her top, her bra and her trousers off. She was standing in her pants alone in the room with no chaperone. He told her to bend over. She felt stunned," said Ms Moore.

The prosecutor said when another woman went to Dr Haq to find out if she was pregnant, he told her to strip and squeezed her breasts.

The woman is said to have complained to the surgery receptionist, who "laughed at her".
Doctor Mohammedan's clinics are known for giving that "extra touch."

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