Shock Video: Toddler Filmed Trying to Wake Her Mom Up After Overdosing in Dollar Store

Chris Menahan
Sep. 23, 2016

Disturbing video out of Massachusetts shows a 2-year-old girl trying to wake her mom up after overdosing on heroin or fentanyl and passing out on the floor of a Dollar Store.

From WNEP:
Recorded in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the cellphone footage shows a young woman on the ground, unresponsive, while her sobbing, 2-year-old daughter tries to wake her up by shaking and dragging her.

The incident occurred in the store's toy aisle Sunday morning.
Police told WBZ-TV that in about 10 percent of the drug use cases they respond to, children are present.

In this case, the mother is going to be charged with child endangerment, according to authorities. The child is in protective custody; the woman does not have any other children, police said.

First responders used two doses of Narcan to revive the woman, who also allegedly had straws and baggies with drug residue in her purse.
What we're witnessing here is the death of the white working class.

A similar incident occurred recently in Ohio, police released the photos below to wake people up to the fact such scenes are now common place and it's an epidemic.

Our industry was sold out from under us in the name of "free trade," our communities are collapsing, drug addition is rampant, out of wedlock births are way up and degeneracy has befallen on our once great land.

Our parents' experiment with liberalism has shown itself to be a miserable failure.

Mass Third World immigration which has led to social isolation and a decline in trust, feminism which has destroyed the family and eliminated basic human decency, and globalist free trade which deindustrialized America in the name of an economic theory all have to go.

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