Charlotte Riots: Protester Shot, CNN Reporters Assaulted, Windows Smashed, Stores Looted

Chris Menahan
Sep. 22, 2016

On the second night of rioting in Charlotte, North Carolina a protester was shot by another protester, two CNN reporters were assaulted, car windows and apartment windows were smashed, the National Guard was deployed and a general reign of terror fell upon the city.

The riots were triggered as a result of a black police officer shooting a black suspect exiting his car armed with a gun -- or as the race baiting media reported it, "a disabled father being shot while reading a book in his car and picking up his child from school."

Keith Lamont Scott:

Keith Lamont Scott's "book," also known as a gun, which police say he refused to drop:

The lying media's narrative took hold and triggered riots last night where a Walmart was looted and cop cars and other vehicles were smashed.

Lamont's brother blamed the shooting on "white people," whom he said are "all f*cking devils."

Tonight, the riots continued and are even worse.

A protester was shot by another protester:

The man shot is reportedly in critical condition.

A witness said the shooter was a black male who shot "indiscriminately" into a crowd of people "for no apparent reason."

From The Daily Beast:
Around 8:30 p.m., a civilian fired a pistol indiscriminately into a crowd of dozens outside the hotel, turned and ran, leaving a man laying on the ground in a pool of blood on the sidewalk. There was a loud pop, then panic and confusion. Standing about 10 yards away, I looked down the barrel of a pistol. Several people were screaming, saying someone was shot in the head and a crowd quickly formed around the victim, a black male. I thought to myself ‘oh my God, why?’ Breathing heavily, I called 911, pacing around in the street. I could be the person on life support. The bullet had whizzed past me. But here I was, still breathing, and reporting this tragic news unfolding in front of me.

The shooter, a black male, was standing at the intersection of East Trade and South College streets with the weapon still aimed. He turned and ran. Emergency personnel arrived about five minutes later.
A CNN reporter was attacked while live on air:

The government declared a state of emergency and deployed the national guard to restore order:

One protester was seen smashing out the windows to an apartment building on live TV, without even bothering to cover his face:

Someone was also seen shoving CNN's cameraman.

Video shows police shooting tear gas at rioters:

The rioters also looted local stores:

Rioters also blocked traffic on the highway and appeared to try and hijack some cars:

Another video, which perfectly captures the spirit of lawlessness in the city, shows rioters performing wheelies with their ATVs in the streets.

This is now the new normal under the Obama-Clinton Black Lives Matter regime.

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