"I Am A Deplorable, Vote Trump" Florida Seafood Restaurant Posts Epic Billboard

Chris Menahan
Sep. 16, 2016

The age of the s***lord is upon us.

From My Sun Coast:
SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) The Controversial sign at Barnacle Bill's restaurant on Tamiami Trail is causing a flurry of activity on social media.

The new marquee, posted by owner William Davis, reads "NRA member, concealed carry OK, I am a deplorable, vote Trump."

On a Facebook post made Thursday, 782 comments ranged from comical to furious to supportive for the NRA and the presidential candidates. People said they would visit the restaurant more while others said they would not go at all.

Here's some the comments, they're almost all positive:

MySunCoast continues:
From now until election day, William Davis wants other "deplorables" to know they're welcome at Barnacle Bill's on North Tamiami Trail.

"It was a big gamble on my part, because usually dealing with the public, I try to sit on the fence and not take sides," says Davis. "I just couldn't do it anymore."

[...]Davis harbors no hard feelings, saying everyone is entitled to their opinion. He adds that most of those driven away so far have since been replaced by new customers anyways.

He says, "I have people walking in, and they go 'We're deplorable, may we have a seat?'"

Tuesday the sign was only in reference to Clinton's statements, but Wednesday evening, Davis says he added the NRA and concealed carry portion for good measure, saying he wanted people to know his restaurant is not a "soft target."
Everyone should support these folks. The social stigma the media has managed to create around Trump is the most powerful weapon they have left. The fear of being outcast or looked upon negatively is what's keeping many women from supporting him, despite the fact he's now winning in many of the polls.

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