Charles Murray on the Decline of the White Working Class and Why Immigration Must be Halted

Chris Menahan
Sep. 13, 2016

Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, had a great interview with Bill Kristol of all people on the decline of the white working class.

Murray says if you visit white working class communities which were doing great 20 or so years ago, today you'll find massive out of wedlock births and heroin/meth epidemics throughout.

By observing the rise in out of wedlock births among whites in these communities, Murray predicted in the earlier 1990's white communities would fall "basically" just like African-American communities have. Sure enough, that's exactly what's occurring.

Incidentally, Kristol's National Review Online has written column after column about how white working class communities "deserve to die."

Nonetheless, Charles Murray's a pretty smart and insightful guy. Even though he's a NeverTrumper, he deserves props for writing The Bell Curve and Human Accomplishment. Also, his views seem to have changed rather dramatically, as in this interview he says plainly we need to stop all immigration from the Third World because all this "diversity" is destroying trust as Robert Putnam's studies show.

I'd say the first 33 minutes of this interview are excellent, next 10 are quite good as well, the 15 minutes on Trump is not entirely horrible as Murray admits he's pretty much been wrong on everything and the last 10 minutes are pretty good too.

Of note, he says anyone without a 135 IQ is going to have it quite rough in the coming automated economy, that's part of where his idea for a universal basic income comes in.

YouTube description:
In his second conversation with Bill Kristol, American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray discusses the state of American civic life and how this can help us understand the current political moment. Murray explains how the decline of communities, the effects of immigration, and the growth of anti-trade sentiment have fueled populist impulses in 2016. Kristol and Murray also revisit Murray's prescient The Bell Curve (1994) and discuss how cognitive ability might affect American life in the future.

The American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray discusses our current political moment.

Chapter 1 (00:15 - 33:22): Working Class Decline
Chapter 2 (33:22 - 44:36): A Universal Basic Income?
Chapter 3 (44:36 - 1:00:45): From Tea Party to Trump
Chapter 4 (1:00:45 - 1:10:55): The Bell Curve Revisited
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