CNN Says It's Sexist to Say Sick Hillary is 'Weak' After Collapsing and Catching Pneumonia

Chris Menahan
Sep. 12, 2016

The Clinton News Network sure is getting desperate...

From TansmiTV:
Watch as this CNN panel implies that it's sexist to say Hillary is 'weak' or unhealthy after her collapse and pneumonia diagnosis at the September 11 Ground Zero memorial ceremony.

Panel blasts Trump for apparently using sexist subtext and dog whistles any time he says "strong" or "strength" in his campaign despite "Stronger Together" being Hillary's campaign slogan...

"When talking about #HillarysHealth, let's be honest about the gender dynamics. Stereotypes of women being 'weak'."

Here's part two:

Comedian Patton Oswald echoed the same nonsense on Twitter, though he got burned pretty hard for it:

While this host on CNN is still running on the narrative from two days ago, everywhere else they're saying FDR did a fine job despite hiding his own poor health!

See this tweet from Ann Coulter:

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