ISIS Chainsaw Massacre Plot Revealed by 15yo Muslim Filmed Calling for Christians to be Killed

Chris Menahan
Sep. 12, 2016

After a 15-year-old Muslim boy filmed calling for Christians to be annihilated was arrested last month in Belgium, he told police of an ISIS plot to massacre Christians with chainsaws at a shopping mall.

ISIS terrorists sliced nine youths in half with chainsaws late last month in Mosul, Iraq, so this is not mere conjecture.

ISIS planned to use chainsaws to murder Christians in a shopping centre, according to the son of a radical imam.

The teenager, who cannot be named, told cops about the sickening plot when he was arrested after he was allegedly spotted in a video walking down a street and calling in Arabic for the murder of Christians.

The youngster is the son of radical imam Shayh Alami from the eastern Belgian city of Verviers - described by Belgian media as "one of the most important breeding grounds for Islamists in Belgium".

The UK Mirror had to blur the kid's face.
In the short video which was published by Arabic-language media watchdog MEMRI, the young man can be seen walking in the streets of the city of Verviers in Eastern Belgium. He curses Christians and prays for their annihilation.

He reportedly admitted to police during questioning that the murderous terror group is recruiting people to carry out an attack in a shopping centre with a chainsaw.

The imam’s son said that two of those planned attacks involved a chainsaw massacre at a shopping centre, while in another terror plot an Imam was targeted because he was ‘not radical enough’.

Shayh Alami has been a thorn in the side of Belgian authorities for years, who have so far unsuccessfully tried to deport him.

Theo Francken, the Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, is trying to deport the imam and has started to look at possibilities to deport his son as well.
While the Mirror can't ID this kid, we in America can.

Here's the video of his calling for Christians to be "annihilated" which went viral last month.

Despite all this, they're struggling to deport this aspiring terrorist and his terrorist father.

Our constitutions were not meant to be suicide pacts.

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