Buchanan on Trump's Foreign Policy: He's Not Looking to 'Create Vermont in the Hindu Kush'

Chris Menahan
Sep. 09, 2016

Speaking last night with Sean Hannity, Pat Buchanan said the Republican elite hates Donald Trump because he's not a "globalist" but an "Americanist."

"[Trump] has said: 'We're not looking to go abroad looking for monsters to destroy, or remake governments, or overthrow them, or try to create Vermont in the middle of the Hindu Kush,'" Buchanan said.

"Many of the Neocons, especially, are committed to this policy of remaking the world in their own image," he said.

Buchanan also talked about how Clinton lost to Trump during the presidential forum as evidenced by the media attacking Matt Lauer.

As he said in his latest column, "When your allies are ripping the refs, you've probably lost the game."

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