Hillary Clinton Holds First Press Conference in 287 Days, Takes Only 6 Questions

Chris Menahan
Sep. 08, 2016

After 287 days without a press conference, Hillary Clinton finally took six questions from the press, all of which were pathetic, and then walked away.

Despite this being such a momentous occasion, the media lobbed nothing but softballs at her, with one utterly pathetic "reporter" even asking her: "Do you think that you're treated differently in this race because you're a woman?"

Incidentally, the audio was garbage as she held the press conference in front of her plane with its engines blaring in the background.

Also, she looked terrible and seemed to be clutching on her podium the entire time.

Here's the full conference, it's literally comical.

Here's a shot of the stenographers who follow her around:

During last night's non-debate hosted by Clinton Foundation "Notable Member" Matt Lauer, Clinton was only given about half as many questions as Trump.

As the Washington Examiner reports:
Donald Trump was on the receiving end of nearly double the questions his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton got at NBC's "Commander in Chief" forum, many of them follow-ups to initial questions from host Matt Lauer and veterans in the audience.

Clinton received four questions from vets while Trump received five, according to the Washington Examiner's tally. The Republican nominee got 16 questions from Lauer and his opponent received just seven.

Much of the discrepancy was due to Clinton's longer answers, during which Lauer repeatedly attempted to interrupt in order to move on to other subjects, all of which dealt with military responsibilities the next president will face when he or she assumes office.

Trump's answers were often shorter. Lauer frequently cut him off to ask him to be more specific in his policy positions.
Amazingly, Lauer failed to ask her a single question about the insanely corrupt Clinton Foundation, go figure.

The biggest stir online from the event were the pictures and video showing she appeared to be wearing an earpiece.

Despite everything, Trump came out on top.

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