Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson: "What is Aleppo?"

Chris Menahan
Sep. 08, 2016

Gary Johnson has literally no idea what Aleppo is.

From the NY Times:
Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party presidential nominee, revealed a surprising lack of foreign policy knowledge on Thursday that could rock his insurgent candidacy when he could not answer a basic question about the crisis in Aleppo, Syria.

“What is Aleppo?” Mr. Johnson said when asked on MSNBC how, as president, he would address the refugee crisis in the war-torn Syrian city.
When pressed as to whether he was serious, Mr. Johnson indicated that he really was not aware of the city, which has been widely covered during the years that Syria has been engulfed in civil war. After Mike Barnicle, an MSNBC commentator who is often part of the “Morning Joe” program panel, explained that Aleppo was the center of Syria’s refugee crisis, Mr. Johnson struggled to recover.

“O.K., got it,” he said, explaining that he thinks that the United States must partner with Russia to diplomatically improve the situation there. “With regard to Syria, I do think that it’s a mess.”
The story is currently the number one trending term on Twitter.

His answer afterwards was at least correct, saying he's in favor of an alliance with Russia to stop ISIS, but good god, it's not like this was some random-factoid gotcha type question.

He made the situation worse afterwards by speaking with Mark Halperin:

I'd feel bad for the guy if he wasn't a shill purely in the race to act as a spoiler to Trump.

Incidentally, New York Times writer Alan Rappeport doesn't seem to know much about it either.

Last week, Johnson threw an insane hissy fit after an interviewer used the term "illegal immigrant."

Johnson demanded he use the term "undocumented" and when pressed why he believes the term "illegal immigrant" is offensive besides being entirely accurate he said, "It just is."

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