'One Day We Will Kick You All Out!' - Former French Official at Anti-Islamization Rally in Finland

Chris Menahan
Aug. 11, 2016

The rhetoric in Europe is heating up.

John F. Kennedy said in 1962, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

With the governments of Europe refusing to protect their own people in the face of a hostile migrant invasion, a response in the interest of self-preservation is inevitable.

From Face of a Dying Nation:
FINLAND: Michel Paulat, a former Official at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs who now resides in Turku, Southwest Finland, spoke harsh words at an Anti-Islamization rally in Helsinki on the 5th of August. During the event counter-demonstrators tried their best to disrupt the speech, but seemingly without success. Paulat claimed that Muslims are "cruel, arrogant and stupid", have created nothing and don't respect their women. They demand their culture to be imposed upon Western civilization, but murder and disrespect Christians. According to him, refugees are pathetic cowards who refuse to fight for their country and instead leave behind their families in war torn areas. His supporters went wild when he said that "you should not even exist and you should be banned from any civilized society" and "one day we will kick you out, all of you and the young ones".


Especially to you migrants and Muslims. I know you, I am not like most of the Finnish.

I lived in your country for ten years and Iíve seen how cruel, arrogant and stupid you are.

You have not created anything.

You have not done nothing.

You have absolutely done nothing.

Youíre just a sick who donít respect your women.

You force them to be your slaves.

You do not respect other religions, you do not respect the Christian religion. Iíve seen it disappear for ten years.

I have seen you murdering Christians.

And if you donít like [that] the truth, you are supposed to be tolerant according to your remarks but your not tolerant.

Have you seen a church in Saudi Arabia?

Have you see a Christian in Saudi Arabia who can have his his faith?

You want us to celebrate your holidays?

Do you celebrate Christmas?

Do you celebrate Easter?

You are absolutely out of this world. You should not even exist.

And you should be banned from any civilized society.

But do be spared one day we will kick you out.

All of you and [the] young ones.

You left Ė you left your country to collapse.

You did not even fight, you have no guts.

You did not stay to fight for your country, for your people, for your family, for your children, you just run away.

But Ė be assured Ė be assured, one day. Most of Europe will rise against you.

You tried before to conquer with weapons by war.

But we will defeat you because you are not worth it.

I ask one thing, Finnish people, rise up! Do not let the Islamification grow. Just Ė just stand up, be men, you have proved it before and [will] prove it again!

Now: Fight for your freedom. Join us, raise your hand, and suomi ensin!
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