New Zealand: Indian Rapist Not Deported Because Life In India 'Would Be Too Hard'

Chris Menahan
Aug. 10, 2016

Asking an Indian man jailed for raping a child to return to his own country would be "unduly harsh" and place upon him a burden too large to bear.

An Indian man who was jailed for raping a 14-year-old girl will not be deported because life in his home country would be too hard.

The man appealed to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal that his deportation would be devastating, after being told he would be kicked out of New Zealand after completing his prison sentence.

In 2003 he arrived in New Zealand with his mother and siblings at the age of nine.

The tribunal's decision says that shortly after the family was granted residence, when the man was 14, he raped a girl in an area of bush behind their local temple.

The man's mother and the girl's father agreed not to report the matter to police as long as the rapist left for India immediately and never returned.
Seeing as how such a bizarre pact was made, odds are the girl he raped was also Indian.

Regardless, after returning to India, the man said he "struggled with the heat and food poisoning" and couldn't get work because he was illiterate in Punjabi.

Here's the problem with this phony sob story: First off, illiteracy is extremely common in India, being illiterate is not out of the ordinary. Second, his being able to speak English and knowing the ways of the West should actually give him a huge advantage.
In 2013 he was found guilty of rape and sentenced to three-and-a-half years jail.

He was released on parole a little more than a year later, describing his experience in prison as "frightening".

After his release he continued a relationship he had started with a Fijian Indian woman in 2012, who had suffered a miscarriage only weeks after the man went to prison.

In his evidence the man said he had proposed to the woman, a New Zealand citizen, but if he was deported she would not follow him as she had never been to India.
The Indian woman he proposed to won't leave New Zealand to be with him in India because she's "never been there." Sounds like they have quite the committed relationship. This is just more BS to guilt these idiot liberals into letting him stay.
Since his release he had enrolled in a building course and hoped to go into the property development business.

But if he was sent back to India his life would be "ruined" and even more difficult as he no longer had the support of his extended family in the country following his conviction.

In his decision tribunal member Peter Fuiava said the man was well settled in New Zealand and would be at a significant disadvantage if sent back.

His departure would also cause "significant emotional distress" to his fiancee.

"Notwithstanding the seriousness of the appellant's offending (inherently serious, but at the lower end of the spectrum and committed by a child too young to make decisions), the tribunal is satisfied that this is outweighed by his exceptional humanitarian circumstances and that it would be unjust or unduly harsh to deport the appellant from New Zealand."
It's "unduly harsh" to ask an Indian man to live in India.

With this ruling, New Zealand joins the rest of Europe and America in committing collective suicide.

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