WATCH: "This Is Your Last Chance to Save America" - Ann Coulter Stumps For Paul Nehlen

Chris Menahan
Aug. 08, 2016

Ann Coulter was out stumping for Nehlen yesterday before the big vote going down Tuesday, August 9th in Wisconsin.

Paul Nehlen is working to kick out Hillary Clinton supporter and Trump saboteur Paul Ryan, who thinks the greatest embodiment of America is our Somali Muslim imports and Republicans should run exclusively on cutting social security.

As I said earlier this week, all Wisconsinites should vote for Paul Nehlen.


From Breitbart (via The Gateway Pundit):
Twelve-time New York Times bestselling author and conservative columnist and commentator Ann Coulter lit House Speaker Paul Ryan's hometown on fire in a blistering rebuke of Ryan here on Saturday in which she endorsed Republican businessman Paul Nehlen for Congress.

"You are so lucky to be living in this district because it's like we're standing in the Amtrak train station looking up and there's only two trains leaving," Coulter said in a speech just a few city blocks away from Ryan's mansion here on Saturday. "You got the Nehlen leaving at 2:06 and then the Trump leaving the station. After that happens, there's not another train coming through. This is it. This is your last chance to save America. Vote for the party of America for Americans and vote for Paul Nehlen."

Coulter, one of 2016 GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's earliest and fiercest supporters, backed Nehlen for Congress here after Trump backed Ryan Friday night. Earlier in the week Trump withheld his backing from Ryan. Trump read it from a piece of paper during his Green Bay rally on the other side of the state before he actually began his real rally, and Ryan's team was unenthusiastic about it, telling Breitbart News that the Speaker "appreciates the gesture."

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