Paul Nehlen: "Let's Retire Speaker Paul Ryan and Send Him Back to Wall Street Where He Belongs"

Chris Menahan
Aug. 04, 2016

Every Wisconsinite needs to vote for this man on August 9th.

Paul Ryan has to go.

Ryan is a globalist traitor and the embodiment of a cuckservative. Paul Ryan fully funded Obama's plan to flood our nation with 300,000 Muslim migrants and phony "refugees" in just one year and threatened to sue Trump if he tries to pass a Muslim ban -- despite Jimmy Carter doing the same and "virtually all constitutional scholars agreeing" it's perfectly within the law.

Ryan wants every neighborhood in America to look like this:

To Paul Ryan, these people are "natural conservatives" and embody "our values."

That's why the evil Koch brothers love him.

Paul Nehlen just fired off 39 tweets attacking him, he's a Trump Republican who wants to close the border and do the opposite of Paul Ryan.

Nehlen is not afraid to speak the truth and call Ryan out as a saboteur. Here's a snippet of what he said yesterday during a press conference, courtesy of Breitbart:
“I’d like to begin by briefly discussing Paul Ryan’s betrayal of the Republican nominee for Ryan’s own personal enrichment,” Nehlen said. “Speaker Ryan’s repeated betrayal of Donald Trump is an act of sabotage against our Party and an act of sabotage against our Republican electorate who selected Mr. Trump as our nominee.”

“Speaker Ryan’s actions once again indicate that he has never cared about his constituents that he’s been elected to represent. Paul Ryan’s only ambition is his own personal ambition.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, it’s hard to disagree with the fact that Ryan’s efforts to undermine the Republican nominee, whom he pretends to have endorsed, is exactly the kind of two-faced dishonest politics that represents what’s wrong with Washington today,” Nehlen said. “What Ryan is doing is unseemly and it is selfish. Paul Ryan is only about one thing: Paul Ryan.”

“But his act is wearing thin, his smirk has grown old, and his mask has been pulled off,” Nehlen said.
The vote is August 9th. Nehlen's made massive gains in the polls and actually has a chance at winning. If he can actually win, it will be the shot heard round the world. As far as I know, such a victory would be without precedent.

Here's some of his recent interviews:

Note how the Barbie doesn't even know Ryan threatened to sue Trump:

This guy is great, whereas Paul Ryan is a Republican clone of Hillary Clinton.

Vote for Nehlen if you're in Wisconsin, be sure to register before 5:00 PM tomorrow if you need any special ballots.

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