Phony Populist Mark Cuban Now Begging People to Vote for Establishment Candidate Hillary Clinton

Chris Menahan
Jul. 31, 2016

Mark Cuban saw it profitable a year ago to praise Trump as "the best thing to happen to politics" because "he says what's on his mind" and "gives honest answers rather than prepared answers."

Now that Trump not only won the Republican primaries but is winning in the polls versus Hillary, Cuban has announced he's voting for the least honest, most rehearsed candidate in the history of the world.

From The Hill:
Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has come out in support of Hillary Clinton.

“I will vote for Hillary and do my best to convince every one I know to vote for Hillary,” Cuban tweeted Friday night in response to a user who asked if he was going to vote for the Democratic nominee “to keep this racist 5 year old who throws tantrums [out] of office.”

The Dallas Mavericks owner said he would spread the word about his support for the former secretary of [State].

While Cuban saw it profitable to pose as a populist just one year ago, now that it actually matters, he's ditched all his phony populism and is begging people to support the establishment.

The Hill continues:
Earlier in the evening, Cuban shared a video from Trump’s campaign event on Colorado and asked “This guy should be commander in chief?”
This is the tweet he links to:

First off, the internet is a network of "wires." Is this woman and Mark Cuban so completely clueless as to not know this? There's no reason to put "wires" in scare quotes unless she thinks the entire internet is somehow wireless.

Second, George Bush never used email during his entire eight years in office as he didn't want his records to be combed through. There's absolutely nothing unreasonable about saying highly secure information should not be sent over the internet but instead handled with couriers. Our nuclear systems run on floppy disks which experts say actually makes them less likely to be hacked. There is no question a courier bringing someone a message directly is more secure than passing it through even the most highly insulated and heavily encrypted internet network.

Cuban's beloved Hillary Clinton is completely computer illiterate. Thanks to Hillary running classified information through an unsecured private email server to hide her corrupt dealings, right now foreign nations who've hacked into her system likely have information they could use to blackmail her.

This viral Snapchat she sent out recently which has amassed over 1 million views on YouTube shows how in touch this woman is with new technology:

This is who Mark Cuban wants to run the country. This man is a phony and a fraud.

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