WATCH: Wasserman Booed Off Stage in Philly, Escorted Out by Security

Chris Menahan
Jul. 26, 2016

The left is imploding.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz was booed off stage and had to be escorted out by security during the Florida delegation's breakfast yesterday.

From US News:
Schultz, who announced Sunday she would resign her chairmanship after emails showed top staffers at the Democratic National Committee worked to undermine Sanders' primary campaign against Hillary Clinton, attempted to talk over a chorus of heckles and boos at a downtown hotel hosting the Florida Democratic Party.

But the Florida congresswoman, who faces a newly emboldened primary challenge in her home state, could barely be heard over the ruckus. As soon as she took the stage, attendees donning Sanders shirts and holding signs that read "Email" began to disrupt her remarks. The delegation breakfast, normally a calm, sleepy, mundane affair, devolved into outright chaos.
Some started chanting "Shame on you!"

Another man screamed, "We are not cool with this!"

Supporters of Wasserman Schultz tried to counter with a cheer of "Debbie!," but they were quickly overwhelmed as the protesters gravitated closer to the stage.
Andrea Mitchell said she had to be "escorted out by security" and commented she's "never seen anything like it":

The left is crumbling, by pandering to these Bernie Sanders supporters and shifting so far left the party has become the party of Bernie. Yet, unlike the republicans who picked the candidate with all the energy behind him, the Dems, driven by the minority vote, picked the establishment shill.

This is a good lesson of the dispossession which is in store for all Americans if our mass immigration policies are not reversed.

Rather than fire Wasserman in disgrace, Hillary yesterday said she's going to hire her as an "honorary chair" to her campaign.

Trump released this ad in response:

Whereas the #NeverTrump chumps went down in flames, the heroic #NeverHillary patriots appear to be succeeding beautifully.

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