WATCH: VICE Hires Rapper to Read the News in the Most Cringe-Worthy Way Possible

Chris Menahan
Jul. 12, 2016

Hey yo, it's ya boy C Money here to break down this dope ass news story about the idiots at VICE for all yall motherf**kers n' sh*t.

As part of VICE News' endless efforts to appeal to youth, they've hired a rapper to read basic news stories and unnecessarily insert the words "aight," "sh*t" and "motherf**ker" in order to sound hip and cool.

It's truly one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

In this video, "Bun B Breaks Down the 'Dump Trump' Movement," rapper "Bun B" asks if Trump could lose the nomination despite having more than enough needed delegates. He then proceeds to read a normal news story about the "Free the Delegates" effort, but replaces the words "Donald Trump" with "this motherf**ker" and instead of saying a group of delegates want to change "the rules," he says a group of delegates want to change "that sh*t."

As you can imagine, this goes on for two minutes. Every time the curse words are entirely unnecessary and every time they make no sense when juxtaposed with talk of "unbinding delegates to allow them to invoke the 'conscience clause.'"

VICE News has officially gone full retard.

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