Left-Wing Terrorists Threatening Nigel Farage & His Family Influenced Decision to Quit

Chris Menahan
Jul. 05, 2016

Our comrade in arms Nigel Farage was reportedly influenced to step down after left-wing terrorists threatened his and his family's lives.

From the Daily Express:
The charismatic politician, whose shock resignation yesterday had Westminster reeling, has told friends of his growing concern about a series of death threats made towards him and members of his family by Left-wing thugs.

...Ukip sources say Mr Farage has been disturbed by a surge in death threats that has worsened dramatically since the referendum climaxed in a vote for Brexit.

One insider said the Ukip leader has given a statement to police in recent days about threats to harm members of his family.

"He has been very concerned about the death threats. They have really got to him," one source said.

Hundreds of messages on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites have made vicious attacks on Mr Farage, with frequent calls for him to be shot.
One recent tweet said "Someone needs to assassinate Nigel Farage with immediate effect" while another said: "I will pay for someone to shoot Nigel Farage."

Earlier this year, anti-Ukip protesters forced Mr Farage, his wife, Kirsten, and two younger children to flee from a pub in south London where they were enjoying Sunday lunch.

The Ukip leader was also pelted with an egg by a protester during a Brexit campaign visit to Nottingham.

Mr Farage has been a hate figure for Left-wingers ever since helping to found Ukip in 1993 but the threats and attempted attacks have worsened in recent months as he played a leading role in the referendum campaign.
This is the scum we're dealing with. They cannot compete in the arena of ideas, so they resort to name calling, accusations of "racism" and "privilege," and like in this case -- outright violent, terroristic threats.

No worries friend, we're going to smash these Marxists and restore our nations to their former glory.

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