WATCH: Austrian Patriots Call for "Reconquista" of their Lands from Muslim Invaders

Chris Menahan
Jun. 21, 2016

Video from Austria shows "Generation Identitaire" marching through the streets and calling for a "Reconquista" of their own land from Muslim invaders.

The march was held on June 11th.

As Esterreicherr on Youtube reported (translated with Google):
Left groups and the Antifa organized a counter-demonstration and blocked the planned route demo. The identitary marched according to police 800 People. Among the co-pending counter-demonstrations were a total of just around 1,000 people. In use, the Exektuve were 1,000 officials. A total of 13 people were injured, including four police officers, as the executive branch announced in a press release. A demo participants of identitary was seriously injured by a stone's throw of a counter-demonstrators.
The original video was translated and shared by Vlad Tepes.

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