'F*ck Trump, Viva Mexico!' Mexicans Celebrate Soccer Win in US by Cursing Trump, Praising El Chapo

Chris Menahan
Jun. 10, 2016

Is Pasadena in America or Mexico?

I could have sworn it was somewhere in California, but after watching this video I had to look it up just to make sure.

Indeed, I can confirm the scene you are about to witness happened in America.

It took place Thursday at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California after Mexico defeated Jamaica to make the quarter finals of the Copa América soccer tournament.

After saying "F*ck Trump" and "Viva Mexico," one noteworthy man is also seen praising "El Chapo" while holding up a hat which says "701."

This is a reference to the murderous drug lord El Chapo making Forbes' billionaire list at rank 701 back in 2009.

These illegal aliens literally celebrate terrorist drug dealers as heroes, yet they hate Donald Trump.

We need a wall and we need it fast.

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