Poll: Europeans Overwhelmingly Disapprove of EU's Handling Of "Refugee" Crisis

Chris Menahan
Jun. 09, 2016

According to a new poll from the Pew Research Center, Europeans are overwhelming against the EU's handling of the refugee crisis.

From Pew Research Center:
Much of the disaffection with the EU among Europeans can be attributed to Brusselsí handling of the refugee issue. In every country surveyed, overwhelming majorities disapprove of how Brussels has dealt with the problem. This includes 94% of Greeks, 88% of Swedes and 77% of Italians. The strongest approval of EU management of the refugee crisis is in the Netherlands, but that backing is a tepid 31%.
Despite these polls, Germany is set to double the number of Syrian "refugees" in the country "under rules allowing family reunification."

We need Brexit ASAP, other countries need to follow suit.

HT: Diversity Macht Frei

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