Crazed Liberal Shows How Tolerant She Is By Hitting Preacher In Head With Baseball Bat

Chris Menahan
May. 30, 2016

A young girl who looks like a meth addict hit a street preacher in the head with a baseball bat for saying mean words outside of a high school in Phoenix, Arizona.

The media is celebrating the assault as though it was some sort of protest against "hate speech."

From ABC 15:
GLENDALE, AZ - How far is too far when it comes to stopping hate speech?

An attack outside a west Valley high school shows the lengths one young woman went through to stop what she considered "hate speech."

Nineteen-year-old Tabitha Brubaker's target was controversial preacher Brother Dean Saxton, who has spent years demonstrating outside Valley high schools and colleges as well as busy public events.

[...]while hes debating with one man on the video, you hear him being hit as he's ambushed from behind. He was able to walk away clearly bleeding from a gash on his head.

Though you never see Brubaker in the video, police arrested her for felony assault as well as marijuana possession.
Here's the suspect:

Anti-hate speech activist Tabitha Renee Brubaker.

Raw Video:

[Action at 17:00]

BS news report filled with lies:

Saxton did not have a sign saying "you deserve to be raped" as RT, Raw Story and tons of others have reported. In the news report above, the local ABC affiliate went through the trouble of making their own fake sign to present it as though it was his. The media also ignored the way the crowd cheered on Brubaker's murder attempt and screamed out "World Star" and "get out n*gga" after Saxton was assaulted.

When the left preaches "tolerance," they only mean you tolerating things like insane doctors helping young boys chop their penises off to "become" girls, preaching Christianity around these people can get you killed.

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